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Thursday, March 31, 2011

SEEHN Online Survey Completed

The first SEEHN online survey was completed by 17.35 hrs on 30 March 2011. The SEEHN Executive Committee and Secretariat issued over 170 requests to prospective survey participants from all the SEEHN member and partner countries and organizations. The number of completed questionnaires is shown in the figure below.

The SEEHN Executive Committee and Secretariat would like to extend the most sincere thanks to all the officials and experts that participated in this survey, and would like to inform that the preliminary quantitative results of the survey will be presented during the 2nd preparatory meeting to the 3rd SEE Ministers of Health forum that will take place during 14-15 April in Bled, Slovenia.

The preliminary report will also be sent via email to the participants that have already registered their email addresses during the implementation of the survey. The results can also be requested via email to the SEEHN Secretariat by clicking here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Survey Progress - 21 Mar 2011

SEE Health Network gains visibility at the European Health Policy Forum for High-Level Government Officials in Andorra la Vella, Andorra, 9–11 March 2011

The SEE Health Network gained unprecedented visibility and importance as a leader of the sub regional cooperation in SEE, at the WHO European Health Policy Forum for High-Level Government Officials held in Andorra la Vella, Andorra on 9–11 March 2011.

The representative of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Network made a Joint statement on behalf of the Network during the session on strengthening public health capacities and services in Europe where systematic approach to public health operations and services: “Towards positive coordination with health care and other sectors” was debated.

The Minister of Health of Moldova, Dr. Andrei Usatii, who chaired the session on coordinating policy action among WHO Member States and Partners towards developing European Action Plan on Noncommunicable Diseases, spoke on behalf of the SEE countries in support to the endorsement of the plan and development of further work in this area. He stressed that the Third Ministerial Forum of the Ministers of Health in SEE (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October, 2011), with participation of high level policy makers from other health related sectors, will be focussed on implementation of HiAP approach in SEE and will held special session to shape the response of the SEEHN Member States to noncommunicable diseases.

All interventions of Republic of Macedonia, taking both from national and sub-regional perspectives, pointed out the importance of the SEE Health Network as instrumental to cross fertilizing European and SEE developments in public health, especially towards implementation of the Tallinn Charter commitments and in developing European Health Policy “Health 2020”. The Chair of the Executive Committee of the SEEHN was part of delegation of this country.

Ms. Zsuzsanna Jakab, Regional Director of WHO Europe emphasized, especially in her concluding remarks, the strong role and importance of the SEE Health Network, that is has and will play in public health developments not only in SEE, but also in Europe, through its activities related to the European policies development and implementation.

SEE Health Network was clearly embedded into the European Health Policy Forum as a key partner for better health in Europe.

Survey Progress - 20 Mar 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SEEHN Survey Status - March 17

Dear survey participants,

The SEEHN Secretariat is monitoring the level of compliance with our SEEHN online survey and the results of participation until March 17 are shown by the graph above.

We would kindly ask for your help that we achieve our objective of at least 10 completed questionnaire per country. Please inform in-country colleagues that have been in the past contributors or participators to SEEHN activities that they can take part on our survey.

Below some small reminders on:
  • Country Objective: 10 completed questionnaires
  • Complete carefully the questionnaire until you get the last Thank You! Page
  • Make sure all colleagues in your country hear about the survey and get a chance to complete it online
  • Ask for help via email at:

Monday, March 7, 2011

SEE Health Network Survey

The SEE Health Network is implementing a survey to assess the impact of its activities in the SEE region since 2001. The findings from this survey will serve as the basis of a regional report that will be discussed by Ministers of Health and other sectors during the 3rd SEE Ministers of Health Forum "Health in All Policies in the SEE: A Shared Goal and Responsibility", Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 13-14 October 2011.

If you have been a participant or contributor to the SEE Health Network activities, you are invited to be part of this survey. Your contribution to this survey and your ideas are important to us.

To complete our online questionnaire you are invited to visit our survey page at:

Before you start the survey, you are kindly invited to read carefully the message from the SEEHN Executive Committee Chair on this survey. The letters contain important information on how to access the survey.

You can read the letters by Ms Cicevalieva by clicking the following links below:

Should you still need help in accessing the questionnaire, please send an email to the SEE Health Network Secretariat.