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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SEEHN ExeCom Chair message on Social Networks

Dear National Health Coordinators,

Dear Partners and Observers,

Following the developments after the 24th meeting of the SEEHN in Tirana and the signing of the Host Agreement, the SEEHN Executive Committee and the Secretariat are working to establish a new and independent website for the Network. A proposal is developed and will be submitted for funding to enhance the communications ability of the SEEHN. This includes the development of a new and independent website.

In the meantime, the Secretariat has explored the opportunities that social networks - like Facebook, Twitter and BlogSpot – have to offer to the SEEHN in increasing its outreach and feedback from members, partners and others. The Secretariat has now opened its accounts on Twitter and Blogspot ( and I am inviting you all to open your own accounts on Twitter and BlogSpot so that you can follow and contribute to the daily exchange of news and information, and in doing so, to increase the outreach of the SEEHN and provide valuable feedback on how to make things better,

With my best regards,

Ms Snezana Cicevalieva
Executive Committee
SEE Health Network

You can read or download the original document here.