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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SEEHN welcomes State of Israel as its newest member

SEEHN Representatives after signing Amendments to the MoU
SEE Health Network Members have signed today the amendments to the Memorandum of Understanding on the future of the SEE and the regional cooperation in public health, signed originally in 2009 by the SEE Ministers of Health.

The new amendments pave the way for opening the SEE Health Network to new members. At the same day, the SEEHN member countries signed the decision to accept the State of Israel as its newest member.

Prof Alex Leventhal, on behalf of the State of Israel, thanked the SEEHN for the decision and promised to complete the signing procedure as soon as the Government of State of Israel has approved the credentials. Prof Leventhal also stated that Israel fully accepts the Dubrovnik (2001) and Skopje (2005) Pledges, as well as the MoU (2009) on the future of the SEEHN, as well as Host Country Agreement (2010) for the SEEHN Secretariat in Skopje.

This recent decision of the SEEHN takes the number of member countries to 10.

Below you can see some of the pictures from the ceremony and the reception hosted by WHO Regional Director for Europe.