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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Host Agreement for the new Secretariat in Skopje in the process of ratification

With a letter addressed to the ALB Minister of Health, Dr Petrit Vasili, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of MKD, Mr Antonio Milososki, informs that the Host Agreement for the new SEEHN Secretariat in Skopje is undergoing the ratification process. Also, the host country is in the final preparations for the commencement of the operations of the Secretariat.

The Host Agreement was signed during the recent SEEHN meeting in Tirana, in November 2010. This agreement paves the way for establishing a new and independent Secretariat in Skopje in line with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. The ratification of the Agreement also will allow for the annual contributions from the SEE countries as stipulated in the MoU "On the future of the SEEHN Secretariat and of the regional cooperation on public health", signed by the SEE Ministers of Health in April 2009.

You can read or download the letter of Minister Milososki here.