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Monday, January 24, 2011

Third SEE Ministers of Health Forum Preparations Teleconference

The SEE Health Network Executive Committee and Secretariat held a teleconference on 13 January 2011 to discuss the preparations for the Third SEE Ministers of Health Forum.

The meeting considered in depth the main topic of the Forum, as well as a number of technical and organizational details. It was recalled that the Forum will consist of the following three parts:
  • Evaluation of the regional cooperation in the framework of the SEEHN since the 2nd Ministerial Forum in Skopje;
  • Health in all policies (main topic);
  • Commitment and future action of the SEEHN
It was agreed that the first meeting of the Organizational Committee for the 3rd Ministers of Health Forum will be held in Banja Luka (date to be confirmed) with the participation of all the members of the network as well as partners and the forum co-organizers.

You can read or download the notes from the teleconference here.