Monday, February 25, 2013

Second issue of the SEE Health Network Newsletter on Mental Health

The SEE Health Network Regional Development Centre for Mental Health, established two years ago at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnja and Hercegovina in line with the SEE Health Network Memorandum of Understanding, has just published the seond edition of its Newsletter "Healthy mind, healthy Community".

In his introductory article  Mr. Sredoje Novic, MA, Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, points out that:
" ... The mental health reform is ongoing in the SEEHN member countries. Although the progress in this area is considerable, mental health issues are still increasing and have a significant influence on the development of health and social systems and economies.
   Therefore, a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the issue of mental health is necessary, what was recognized by the World Health Assembly that adopted the solution on Mental Health in May 2012. In this document the Member States expressed comittment to "promotion of mental health, prevention of mental disorders, and early identification, care, support, treatment and recovery of person with mental disorders.
   The strong regional cooperation among the countries of the SEE Health Network and their partners provides the opportunity to face the challenges together on this journey and to pursue this goal - improving mental health and wellbeing of the population of South Eastern Europe".
To learn more about the regional and national developments in all the 10 SEEHN Member States in the field of mental health please visit the website of the SEEHN Regional Health Development Centre for Mental Health at the following link:


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