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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Croatian experience: a further reading

Dear members and experts of the SEE Health Network,

Several days ago the SEEHN Secretariat informed you of the extraordinary succes of our colleagues from Croatia who were awarded The Global Health Program of Distinction Award for the Andrija Stampar School of Public Health´s "Health-Plan for it" programme. 

Following several requests, Dr. Selma Sogoric, National Health Coordinator of Croatia for the SEEHN and leader of the programme, was so kind to share with us the article that describes and analyses the programme and its success.
The subject of this paper is how to incorporate a multi-disciplinary and inter-sectored approach into development of public health policy and  plans at the local (county) level in Croatia by educational program. Method used was the public health capacity building program »Health – Plan for it«, which was developed with the aim to assist the counties to overcome recognized weaknesses and introduce more effective and efficient local public health practices. Two main instruments were used: Local Public Health Practice Performance Measures Instrument, and Basic Priority Rating System. This program has helped counties to asses population health needs in a participatory manner, to plan for health and, ultimately, assure provision of the right kind and quality of services (better tailored to population health needs). This program’s benefits are going beyond and above the county level. It provides support for the Healthy Cities project locally, and facilitates changes in national policymaking body’s mindset that a »one-size-fits-all« approach is sufficient.
The full article can be found on the following link: