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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inauguration of the SEE Health Network Secretariat, Skopje, 07 March 2013: Now full CD-rom available

The SEE Health Network Secretariat, recently inaugurated officially and hosted by the Government/Ministry of Health of the  Republic of Macedonia, has just uploaded the final  compillation of documents, speaches, photo album, audio album and media coverage clipping of the event on the MKD Ministry´s Website.

It can be found through the following link:

The SEE Health Network Executive Committee expresses its high appreciation and gratitude to the SEE HEalth Network Secretariat and to Studiourum, the Centre for Regional Policy Reseach and Cooperation  (CRPRC), and in particular to Ms. Neda Milevska who has kindly offered the Studiourin kind support.